Thursday, June 23, 2011

Ignite Baltimore: Who TED is?

Last week I had the chance to check out Ignite Baltimore. Because I live in a state of blissful ignorance, I took Nikc’s word that, “it’s like the Baltimore version of TED Talks.” Well, ok, I’m in. So we go, and as we’re walking in, I think to myself, “hmm… Ottobar… this is a weird spot for this.”

To backtrack, we were at Ottobar a few weeks ago to see Johnny Flynn, so I saw it as a dumpy kind of venue that was perfect for seeing crazy rock shows. I reached that conclusion at said Johnny Flynn show. THAT was an odd act to see at Ottobar – a dude, his git-fiddle, and his backing violinist, keyboardist, and percussionist. Oh, and he had an Irish accent.

So anyway, back to Ignite. We get there and decide to snag a seat on a ledge up near the stage. Nikc gets us some drinks and we get ready for some mind-blowing presentations.

Well, it got off to kind of a rough start, and then I couldn’t see the presenter, and then my neck hurt, and then I forced Nikc to relinquish our seats so I could stop complaining. Bad idea.

As we walk through the crowd – the standing, packed-in, non-moving crowd in this no-room-for-chairs venue – we secure a spot towards the back. Big mistake. We’re at the spot between the crowd that came to listen and the crowd that came to get drinks at the bar. This is a terrible spot for those among us that suffer from crowd-initiated attention problems. Like, oh, say… me? And apparently Nikc too.
Cuz after four five-minute presentations, we rolled out.

And ended up here:

That would be Fells Point scotch bar Birds of a Feather. I give them props for their choice of cat-themed statuary:

Minus 2 points for serving me Balvenie instead of the Dalwhynnie I'd ordered. Not that it could have made any difference, considering I don't know the first thing about scotch. Other than it burns. God damn does it burn.

After that, Nikc and I hit a CD shop and spent our last $4 on a Leonard Cohen CD, a Pet Shop Boys CD (Nikc), and blowpops. And then this happened:

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