Thursday, August 19, 2010

What the What: Celebrity Boo Edition

I'm just going to go ahead and say this: I have a secret thing for Malcolm McDowell.

Yes, this guy [via A Clockwork Orange]:

Is it the guyliner? Maybe. But I had to find out, so I Netflixed another Malcolm McDowell movie* called If... from 1968. In short: it's a satire of the public school system that eventually leads to a revolt. How Dickensian.

*I typed film at first, then cringed and changed it to "movie."

So, there's plenty I could say about the movie, but I won't. It was great, check it out someday if you're so inclined. Instead, can we talk for a second about this ginger from the movie wearing my Warby Parker Huxley specs?

I love it. Kids in cool specs. I feel like this kid's ready to join Weezer.

Doing a little Wikipedia-stalking of my boo Malcolm, I uncovered that he was married to Mary Steenbergen. I approve. And.. what the what. He was in Coco Chanel, the Shirley MacLaine version... I watched it a few months ago and I didn't even recognize him!

To me, he will always be 25.