Wednesday, July 14, 2010

To Kill a Mockingbird Turns 50

Did y'all see the piece on Haper Lee on CBS Sunday Morning? If not, I will summarize it by saying she's an 84-year-old recluse, and her voice = party. Jazzy, I guess you could say. Like if Ethel Merman recorded a duet with my high school English teacher, Ms. Tracey, and they autotuned it. I wish I had been paying more attention, both in high school English and during the Harper Lee piece... but I was knitting lace at the time and was trying to fix a shit ton of mistakes I'd made (and in high school I was probably folding notes/applying lip gloss/covertly chewing gum/staring at guys).

Harper is the #1 girls' name for babies this year, I've heard. Harper is also the name of my God-dog, who happens to share my birthday. Big ups, Harpeee Delano!

Also also -- To Kill a Mockingbird reached its 50th publication anniversary on Sunday the 11th. So to celebrate, I wasted a ton of time on Polyvore:

P.S., I want that dress so bad. I will not buy it. I will not buy it.

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  1. i cant believe you did not even mention a chifforobe or bustin' one up. Harps!!