Thursday, July 8, 2010

Tie-dye on the Brain

I pretty much have been lusting after tie-dye since I stumbled upon Shabd a few weeks ago. Not just because of this guy, either:

Want this (the shirt! But I wouldn't complain if the guy came with it):

I really wanted that Shabd scarf, but couldn't shell out the $$$... so I bought this "Playsilk Canopy" on Etsy for $32. So, it's a toy, for children, but I mean, it's got all of the same elements as the Shabd version -- 100% silk, hand-rolled edges, sweet hand-paint job, and it's bigger... 48"x72", compared to Shabd's 44"x44". And, I'm totally psyched that I'll be able to whip it off my neck at work, attach it to a stick, and do some mad swirling down the hallway. I think that will go over well.

Tie-dye is in full effect now. And -- and -- I like it. Some faves:

Ink Blossom halter dress, J. Crew, $189

Indio Scarf, Madewell, $42

Coincidentally, I picked up some Louisa Harding Grace Hand-dyed yarn on a trip to a yarn shop last month. I'm planning to turn it into some kind of necklace. Looks like tie-dye to me:

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