Tuesday, June 29, 2010

White Box Presents: The Heroin Stamp Project

This weekend I went up to NYC with my roomie Ali and my BFF Jane . We tend to hit up NY about... quarterly I guess. We've done most of the BS touristy stuff, so now we're on to the obscure. Like this:

The Heroin Stamp Project by White Box/Social Art Collective

I read about this last week and was fascinated.

The empty glassine packets can be found in Manhattan, Brooklyn and beyond, scattered on streets and sidewalks with only obscure slogans or graphic images to suggest their former use. At one time they contained heroin and the markings stamped on the packets were meant to differentiate strains of varying purity or provenance.

To some they are crime evidence. Addicts may see them mainly as a vehicle to fulfill a dangerous urge. For a group of artists who have been collecting them they are cultural artifacts that are equally unsettling and compelling.

On Wednesday a weeklong show called “Heroin Stamp Project” organized by seven members of the Social Art Collective is scheduled to open at the White Box Gallery on Broome Street on the Lower East Side. The show, which will include 150 packets picked off city streets, as well as 12 blown-up prints made from them, is meant to examine the intersection of advertising and addiction and provoke questions about how society addresses dependence and disease.

We got there just as it was closing ("closed," as the one person running things told us, but she let us whip around for 5 minutes -- turns out that's all you really need though). The exhibit was free, but a donations jar was available to support the L.E.S. Harm Reduction Center, which from what I can gather is a needle exchange program. This statistic was posted on the wall:

Of all reported AIDS cases in the U.S. 25% have been transmitted through injection drug use. An estimated 75% of injection drug users are infected with Hepatitis C.

Also on the wall? An average heroin user's one-year consumption, in the form of 1,800-some baggies. Which by my math is 5 per day. Which equates to $18,000/year.

Can someone function at the rate of 5 bags of heroin per day? I mean, can someone with a heroin addiction hold down a job?

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