Friday, June 18, 2010

Recipe: Grilled Salmon Foil Packs with Veggies

While we're on the topic of eating home-grown veggies...

Last night for dinner I made something awesome. See?
Random Dinner Pic

My mom dropped off a Good Housekeeping recipe along with a zucchini and a yellow squash she grew. So I decided to give it a try, plus a few mods. I loved it. Give it a try:

Salmon Foil Packs with Mucho Vegetales
Serves 2-3 (who am I kidding, I ate half of it for dinner)
-1 Small Zucchini
-1 Small Yellow Squash
-2 Roma Tomatoes
-1/2 c of Kalamata Olives (though I wanted more)
-Handful of basil leaves (again, could have used more to my taste -- I subbed these in for parsley, and woooo was I ever glad I did)
-Salt to taste
-Salmon (I used about a 10-oz fillet)

Light your grill; you want it at a medium-high heat (I'd say 375-400)

Chop the ends off your zucchini/squash, then using a vegetable peeler, slice ribbons directly onto a large doubled piece of foil. Once I got to the seedy centers I quit, as it was making a mess/flinging seeds all over.

Dice tomatoes and toss them on top. Top with coarsely chopped kalamatas (I wish mine hadn't had pits). Drizzle the whole thing with the oil, then sprinkle with salt (not too much... the olives are saltily delicious).

Place the salmon fillet on top; sprinkle with salt. Seal up the packets tightly. If your foil doesn't fit, like mine, then oh what a world of pain you are in. So make sure it does fit.

Drop that sucka on the grill and shut the lid. Give it 13 minutes. CAREFULLY remove the foil and check the fish for doneness (The flakier, the better).

May your house never retain heat nor your sink fill with dirty dishes.

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  1. wow, that looks so healthy and amazing! it's like the perfect meal for hot weather.