Thursday, June 24, 2010

On Slow Afternoons

Looooong never-ending summer afternoons + getting home from work 5 minutes early yesterday =

Some old loves:
-Bird's Nest!
-Hammock, which I stole from my parents. Discovered that the open netting really keeps you cool. Um, am I slow? Then, I thought momentarily about making my own hammock. Quickly nixed it.
-Softspoken b.o.g.o sale (ends today)
-Made it to the lace border section of Jeanne
WIP: Jeanne

Some new loves:-Tomatoes, sliced, with a sprinkle of feta and a spritz of balsamic vinegar (also good sans tomatoes, plus strawberries)
-morning benders cover album, Bedroom Covers, fa-ree. Kind of unsure about cover singers mimicking idiosyncracies of the original singers when doing a cover(here it's really noticeable with covers of Lou Reed, Morrissey, and David Byrne), but I like the selection here, so okay.
-Mociun sale! Might have spent way too much on a t-shirt. Might love it anyway.

I'm wearing a new shirt today from H&M and it smells distractingly like warm hay. And I kind of dig it.

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