Friday, June 11, 2010

Liberty of London Invasion: Swim Edition

Last week I realized something frightening: I’m going to the beach in less than a month. On the whole I don’t get caught up with body image issues, but this trip… this trip… I’m heading to North Carolina with a bunch of runners. You know, people that run… like, for fun.

Just to rehash, some of my funtime activities include writing, snacking, knitting, reading, lunching, munching, and baking. Also? I don't want to look like someone's meemaw on the beach.

I’ve been doing all kinds of things to prepare, like eating healthy and walking a few miles a couple nights a week. But now comes the crucial part: the swimsuit. I’ve been scouring all my old haunts online (Target, J. Crew, Urban, the whole Gap/Old Navy/Banana tri-fecta), but turning up nothing.

Did I miss the swim suit deadline? Why is it impossible to find anything right now?

Anyway. I seem to have uncovered a little battle of the pricepoints.

In this corner, we have J. Crew, sporting some Liberty print swimwear:

“This playful print, originally designed in 1974, comes to us from England's Liberty Art Fabric (they're legendary for their distinctive textiles and prints). We think it's just as stylish today as it was back then.”

(Top, $39, and bottom, $39).

And in this corner, we have Target… also in Liberty swimwear… SAY WHAT?! (Decapitation courtesy of Target):

“[Apparently Target does not dabble in captionery.]”

(Top, $19.99, and bottom, $19.99)

The Target/Liberty of London collabo got a lot of buzz over the interwebz when it first came out… when was that… March? So much so that most of their online stock was sold out/backordered in a matter of days. J. Crew, not one to be outdone, also jumped on the L-Train with the above swimwear.

Clearly, Target is the bargain, but… I take issue with Target’s styling – Exhibit A:

“What’s crackin’?”

In case you think I’m being partial, check out J. Crew:

“Wedge-free in the place to be.”

Well-played, J. Crew, well-played.

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