Thursday, June 10, 2010

Free Music: Levi's Pioneer Sessions

Levi's is doing some kind of music series on their website. I took a minute to check it out today, and overall I'm glad I did. The NAS cover of Slick Rick is just ok, and I skipped Cobey Callait... not a fan really. But the rest is solid.

My favorite is The Shins covering Squeeze... imagine one of your new(er) favorite bands covering an old favorite band (from childhood); that is how it feels, which is to say pretty damn exciting.

Also enjoying The Swell Season's cover of Young Hearts. Reminds me of this scene from Romeo and Juliet (der, the movie version of course):

P.S., I'm pretty sure I have Leo DiCappy's hair cut from that video right now. He rocked it better.

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