Monday, April 19, 2010


Got the chance to run up to Philly this weekend. I loved Philly before... and I love it still.

Something about the mix of old buildings and new ones. Something about street lights mounted on posts at the corners of intersections. Something about walking down streets and not feeling like you're about to be robbed/shot/hit by a car.

Also... the guys. I'm talking about guys that take an active interest in having a style. Kind of sick of these guys in my town, with their uniform of bootcut jeans/button-down shirts/rolled up sleeves/gelled hair with sideburns.
I'm kind of into guys that wear jaquard sweaters/pants that aren't made out of denim/have hair, possibly even on their face. Ones that aren't afraid to accessorize. I even saw some sweet flip-up glasses on a guy that was walking into Am Appy. And they just worked.

So I guess what I'm saying is, yes, I would like to date a guy that looks like Dwayne Wayne. The original blipster.

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